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Fisheries Act Authorization

To obtain a Fisheries Act Authorization, you must complete an Aquatic Effects Assesssment and submit it online along with an application form through the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website. An Aquatic Effects Assessment typically involves diving the site to determine biological and physical conditions, an assessment of the impacts of the project, and prescribed mitigation measures to avoid impacting fish and fish habitat. Recent changes to the Fisheries Act are expected to alter this process.

Water Lot Approval

Water lot approvals are granted for marine docks in the form of a licence of occupation issued by FrontCounter BC. In order to apply, you must have an assessment done of your foreshore. This includes both a biophysical survey and archaelogical assessment. If you can comply with best management practices putting your application through will be simpler. You also need to make sure your application will be in compliance with local zoning requirements. A qualified environmental professional can put your application together and submit to the appropriate authorities.

Ocean Disposal Permit

For information on how to apply for a DAS permit, visit Disposal at Sea.

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  • To review information on different procedures for biological assessments, field construction and more, visit the methods page.

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