Environmental Consulting Firms

The following are environmental consulting firms that perform environmental assessments, surveying, sediment sampling and obtain regulatory approvals. The consulting firms include teams of professional biologists and engineers, surveyors and cost estimators for development projects, marinas, port facilities, and more. The professionals must adhere to their respective code of ethics for each of their professional associations, such as the College of Applied Biology.

  • Balanced Environmental Services Inc.
  • Foreshore Technologies Inc.
  • Sea Force Consultants Inc.
  • Ocean Tech Constructors Inc.
  • Integrated Planning and Consulting Ltd.
  • BC Marine Contractors Ltd.
  • VJA Engineering Ltd.
  • Golder Associates Inc.
  • EBA Engineering Consultants Inc.
  • Hemerra
  • SNC Lavalin
  • Keystone Environmental Ltd.
  • Northwest Hydraulics Inc.
  • Cascade Environmental Resource Group

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